Sentiment Analysis of Football Fan Tweets During a Game

Are Manchester United fans more critical of their team than opposing fans about theirs? This was the (too ambitious) question I intended to answer when I began this piece but having discovered some of the difficulties in accessing bulk, multi-period Twitter data I have scaled it back. I certainly intend to revisit the bigger question using Twitter scraping solutions that have since become available, but for now I’ll restrict myself to the more achievable question:

R-Tips #1: Turning Off and On Scientific Notation

options(scipen = 999) #the command that turns off scientific notation in R output I often set this parameter in any R project in which I’ll be evaluating predictive model performance. But why would you want to turn off scientific notation? First, it’s a personal preference, but I strongly advocate for learning how to read scientific notation as it is a data science standard. Second, your audience may not be mathematically trained.